Employment Agencies

With Fraud increasing and previous unsuccessful attempts to reduce it, a Credit Card business cracked the challenge through a series of Agile Sprints where data analysts, call centre staff,  operations staff collaborated to design and deliver an innovative solution
In a highly competitive market, an online lender was able to successfully differentiate itself with its customers, investors, staff and potential hires
Worked with a Sainsbury's to deliver a £1bn transformation applying Agile ways of working focusing on new propositions, productivity and organisational efficiencies
Worked with a BOI UK to transform their Mortgages and Loans business initially but spreading into regulatory delivery, Audit and HR delivering a material profit uplift and increase in staff engagement.
We are really proud of the impact the JCURV team has made to the UK economy in 2018. We are looking forward to building in this achievement in 2019!


Worked with the Chief Data Officer of Sainsbury's plc supporting the team increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how they deliver value - "We've delivered more in the last 6 weeks than the last 12 months!" - Group CFO
​​Used Agile methods to successful accelerate its ability to identify, design and deploy a new propositions into the market increasing the speed to market by over 50%, productivity by 45% and staff engagement by 42%
Worked with a CNA Hardy, a Lloyds of London Insurer, to accelerate the delivery of their new pricing and underwriting tool reducing release cycles from 1 year to every 8 weeks.


Supported Hargreaves Lansdown to embark on an Agile transformation accelerating the pace of change across the business from propositions development to customer experience.
We worked with the Chief Data Officer at DLG Group to define the data strategy and begin to transform the function using agile ways of working
​A retail bank created an environment where data, frontline staff and product teams collaborated to rapidly respond to client needs
Supported EY adopt agile to deliver their transformation focusing on increasing new business growth, staff engagement and productivity delivering a step change in incremental profit within 12 months.
A FTSE 100 bank needed to quickly build out its data analytics capability and JCURV successfully placed the Director of Analytics, analysts and product owners as part of a transformation