Join an industry leading consultancy

Work with an energetic, exceptional and diverse team

At JCURV our mission is to support organisations to thrive in an uncertain world. Our teams work with executives, senior leaders and delivery teams of our clients to help our clients deliver their strategies sustainably.

We work on exciting transformations, in dynamic teams, offering the opportunity to make a positive difference to our clients, society and building a unique business together.

Be your authentic, values-driven self

Our flat structure encourages everyone in the team to shine and to share their expertise and creativity. All our team members can engage with senior leaders, so our clients get the best from the sum of our parts. Our approach is to work together as one, through co-creation, to grow our business with a diverse set of thinking so we maintain our creativity and relevance. We’re not just a team of suits – we use our hearts as well as our minds – and work as a connected team. 


Continuously learn and grow


We’re constantly learning from successful yet complex transformation challenges, adopting and mastering the latest tools, frameworks and research in all that we do. Our ‘war stories’ from our collective experiences add value – and realism – to our projects as we help our clients find much-needed business solutions. Our skills include: strategy development, leadership coaching, change management and organisational agility. Your development is only limited by your own ambition.


Aside from the opportunity to work in a fulfilling role that delivers tangible results, and with a high degree of autonomy, we offer individual and team learning and development. We also offer a competitive salary, performance bonus and monthly volunteering opportunities to support charitable causes, encouraging all our team members to support not-for-profit organisations with our expertise to share our mission of delivering accessible agile working.  


Our unique approach to delivering change has enabled several large client organisations to build enterprise-wide agility. We focus on strategically important challenges, with buy-in at board level, to create sustainable agile capability, whilst continuously learning. And our achievements have been recognised by our industry peers. We’ve earned awards, we’re regular panellists at conferences, and contributors to relevant publications with insightful comment and our own thought leadership.  

Be rewarded well 

​​We love what we do and the unique way we do it, and that’s why our clients choose us. We’re human in our approach, using our diverse skills and experience to make significant transformations happen, leaving a lasting legacy. And, we measure our behaviours to make sure we truly live our values which guide all that we do: striving for the extraordinary,relentlessly focusing on value, creating sustainability and nurturing oneness.